Our President's Message

bill_image_cropped.jpgTEK Services has a proud tradition of helping customers identify their points of pain, and providing creative solutions that save money, improve performance and reduce frustration.

Whether it is managing a burgeoning and confusing collection of marketing literature, producing and stocking subassemblies of manufactured products for rapid delivery, or eliminating the worry and delay in managing returned products and their repair, TEK has a strong track record of satisfying customers needs.

I'm often asked to describe what it is that makes TEK Services so unique, and allows us to perform so well.  There are four elements to our success, and each one is critical to making our business the preferred supplier to so many Fortune 1000 companies -- our workforce, our systems, our professionalism, and a creative attitude.

Our workforce is seasoned and experienced.  A highly productive group, they have experience in manufacturing and servicing accounts and products from a wide range of industries.  When a customer asks if we are familiar with particular standards, specificiations, criteria, or markets, chances are good someone on our team is.

Our systems were originally designed to accommodate a company several times the size of TEK Services, and we benefit from the rigor and discipline required by our business system.  Despite our sophistication, we still maintain the close customer relationships typical of a much smaller supplier.

Management is actively involved in production -- every day.  We have highly trained and experienced engineering, supervision, customer service, procurement, IT and accounting staff to handle any need that may arise.  And all have a "can do" attitude that makes any issue solvable.

We see problems as opportunities, and use each experience to advance our knowledge.  We look for new ways to solve old or nagging problems for our customers, and are willing to look at unconventional solutions to get the job done.

TEK Services consistently gets high marks from its customers.  I'm confident we can help you eliminate your points of pain.

William (Bill) Loughman

August 1, 2011