Contract Manufacturing

TEK Services has the resources and experience to provide custom fabrication and assembly solutions for you in a variety of industries.


TEK Services has the expertise, processing systems and facilities to handle all your product fulfillment and warehousing needs.

Returns and Repairs

Outsourcing your electrical, mechanical, and electro-mechanical repairs and return shipping can save you time and money.

Warehousing / 3 PL

TEK Services provides warehousing and shipping services from its Midwest facility.  Our 3PL processes can save you time and money. 

Your Partner in Contract Manufacturing and Process Management

  • What work does your company handle internally that causes you trouble?
  • Lots of work and not enough people, space or time to meet your deadlines?
  • Are non-value-added, labor-intensive projects jeopardizing your bottom line?
  • Is a high or low-volume manufacturing process slowing down your primary production?

TEK Services Workforce

TEK Services is not a temporary staffing agency. We offer a complete workforce and process solution that provides innovative, low-cost labor to meet your company’s unique needs. Our goal is to become a trusted partner, assisting you wherever you need an extra hand with non-valued-added processes. TEK Services maintains a highly adaptable and stable workforce, extensive production space, manufacturing equipment and other necessary resources. You use it only when you need it. With TEK Services as your partner, you don’t have the headaches that come with hiring, training and managing extra staff. And, with more than 125,000 square feet of facility space and equipment at our disposal, TEK Services is ready and able to take on your project at a moment’s notice.