Contract Manufacturing

TEK Services has the resources and experience to provide custom fabrication and assembly solutions for you in a variety of industries.


TEK Services has the expertise, processing systems and facilities to handle all your product fulfillment and warehousing needs.

Returns and Repairs

Outsourcing your electrical, mechanical, and electro-mechanical repairs and return shipping can save you time and money.

Warehousing / 3 PL

TEK Services provides warehousing and shipping services from its Midwest facility.  Our 3PL processes can save you time and money. 

Contract Manufacturing

TEKServices has the resouces and experience to provide custom fabrication and assembly solutions for you in a variety of industries.

Whatever your challenge, whatever your industry, TEK Services has the experience and ability to help free your oganization to focus on what you do best.
Your Complete Workforce Solution

Our people are trained specifically to offer high-level and flexible skills, and are able to adapt quickly to a wide variety of processes.  TEK provides the space, equipment and versatile skilled labor to take on any number of supplemental processes, Including:

  •     High Volume Manufacturing processes
  •     Low Volume Manufacturing processes
  •     Various high and low volume Assembly processes
  •     Consigned or purchased inventories
  •     Our Equipment or Loaned/Leased equipment
  •     Our location or your own
  •     Packaging and Dististribution
  •     Short term project work

Affordable, Adaptable Resources at your Disposal

Need Flexibility?  Our staff is experienced at meeting the changing needs of your company using equipment and resources in your location or ours.

On a budget?  Our central geographic location, highly productive workforce, and low overheads, allow us to provide low-cost solutions to your cost challenges.

Last minute project?  As your process partner, TEK Services already has the resources in place to complete any project on target, on budget, on time.

Need a back-up?  Flexibility and creative solutions mean we can act as a low cost, quick response fall-back supplier for your international sources.

Cutting and more

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