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Bagging, Shrink Wrapping and Packaging

July 17, 2012 at 3:46 PM

Does your fulfillment service provider break down incoming shipments and repackage according to your needs?

Breaking down bulk shipments and repackaging are critical services that are, surprisingly, provided by few fulfillment service providers.  For a fulfillment arrangement make sense to the typical small to mid-sized customer, these competencies are often a requirement.  Typical capabilities needed include:  boxing, bagging, shrink wrapping, crating, custom foam/bubble wrapping, clamshell packaging, blister packaging, and pre-packaging preparation of product.

Why do so many fulfillment providers fail to provide these basic services?  In a word -- investment.  Many of the pieces of equipment required to automate or semi-automate these packaging processes are expensive to purchase/set-up, and require relatively high volumes to justify.

At TEK Services we already have this machinery and equipment, which we utilize in our contract manufacturing business unit.  By leveraging existing equipment, we’ve been able to offer fulfillment services to small/midsized customers, giving them the flexibility and costs they need to make their business models work.  If you’re a fulfillment services purchaser trying to reach the U.S. from a single point in the middle of the country, or a regional Midwest business needing fulfillment services, you owe it to yourself to check out TEK.

TEK Services is a fulfillment, warehousing and contract manufacturing company located in Eastern Nebraska specializing in product fulfillment and warehousing for industrial customers both U.S. based and International.  We also perform value-added contract manufacturing for our customers where desired.  Our website is, and our phone number is 402-727-0262.

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