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Fulfillment and Warehousing Advantages in the Midwest

June 21, 2012 at 2:50 PM

Four Fulfillment and Warehousing Advantages of the Midwest

Fulfillment services and warehousing make more sense in the heartland.  The Midwest offers some exceptional service advantages for companies with a national scope that are searching for fulfillment solutions or warehouse operations to serve their customers better.  Our firm, located in the Omaha, Nebraska metro area, has experienced dramatic growth in our fulfillment outsourcing work over the last two years, largely driven by some of these advantages:

  • Central location along main national transportation corridors provides rapid delivery capability across the United States.  Omaha is located at the busy I-80 and I-29 interchanges with rapid access to markets going all directions.  Most of the continental United States is accessible via UPS regular freight shipments in 2-3 days.  In addition, for larger product needs, the city has access to both the Union Pacific (Headquartered in Omaha) and BNSF rail lines, and is along a major trucking corridor.  Locating your fulfillment operations in Eastern Nebraska means getting products to your customers fast.


  • Nebraska is the nation’s hub for fiber communications, providing commercial and industrial users rapid and reliable access.  When your fulfillment operations are here, you can depend on the communications resources you need to be available, reliable and fast.


  • The Midwest is a low cost region.  Low cost industrial space, low energy costs (for example, electrical costs of $4.83/kw-hr versus national average of $6.72), low business taxes and insurance costs, and economical labor, make the region a great place for order fulfillment and warehousing operations that need to be cost effective while still providing superior service.


  • People make the biggest difference.  The Omaha metro area has 26 colleges and universities located within a fifty mile radius of downtown.  As a result, the percentage of residents with at least some college is nearly 10% higher than the national average (64.5% versus 55.4%).  Your fulfillment center’s success depends on the performance of people, and the Midwest has an excellent supply of well-educated and highly motivated people who can make your fulfillment business their business.  And with an average of $17.40 of output per dollar of wages (versus a national average of $15.13), inexpensive labor doesn’t mean unproductive labor.  The legendary work ethic of the Midwest continues to thrive in the Omaha metro area.

The heartland of the country is the right place to locate your warehouse, distribution and fulfillment operation.  Compare and you will see what we already know in Omaha.


TEK Services is a fulfillment and warehousing company located in Eastern Nebraska specializing in product fulfillment and warehousing for industrial customers both U.S. based and International.  We also perform value-added contract manufacturing for our customers where desired.  Our website is, and our phone number is 402-727-0262.

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