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Case Study...Fulfillment

EXAMPLE: A manufacturer of consumer product located in the central U.S. was using a fulfillment center on the west coast for products manufactured in China. The geographic distance between the manufacturer and the fulfillment warehouse was jeopardizing timely responses from the account manager and ultimately causing delays in shipping. The manufacturer was unable to track inventory himself and felt a lack of confidence in the warehouse distributor’s knowledge of the product and market—or its ability to keep product on the shelf. The west-coast warehouse had to work hard to provide timely deliveries across the continent.

TEK’S SOLUTION: Because TEK offers intentionally-adaptable systems already in place, it was possible to “plug” this manufacturer’s product into the system quickly and efficiently, while saving about 30% in costs. Experienced TEK staff designed a secure, polished distribution process using quality-controlled, ISO9000 processes to get product on the shelves and prepped for fast delivery of 60 orders a day and storage of hundreds of pallets. Unlike the previous distributor, because of its own OEM experiences, TEK was able to shop for and recommend a supplier for shipping containers, then act on the manufacturer’s behalf to order and stock the boxes for shipping. The manufacturer can review inventory levels and account information anytime night or day online—even making video checks to review warehouse conditions. TEK’s central U.S. warehouse location further expedited deliveries across the nation and overseas.